ICA-Horse Artillery

for the preservation of Mounted Artillery knowledge, skills and abilities

2019 Virtual Tournament

2019 ICA-Horse Artillery Tournament

ICA-HA Affiliated Units are cordially invited to submit video entries for our 2019 Mounted Artillery Tournament.

Judging shall be by experts designated by the directors of the ICA.

The champions will hold the ICA-HA trophy for one year.

The competition will be based on the knowledge, skills and ability demonstrated as a team drops off and recovers a cannon.

The minimum requirement shall be for a four-up working at the walk. New units will be allowed to submit a two-up for their first year.

Units working with a six-up, and/or at the walk/trot/canter are encouraged, but not required. Units working with a section, including caissons, and/or multiple cannon are likewise encouraged.

Units may submit ceremonial videos, such as caisson funerals, or parade footage, but it will not be eligible for the competition. A sample video of a half section is attached as guidance.