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ICA Recognition Flash

This emblem represents the  "civilian" International Cavalry Association "ICA"; it is worn on the military uniform used by the various Cavalry Clubs within the ICA to signify that a) The individual is "civilian" b) The Cavalry Club is a member of the ICA.

Individuals within the ICA are accepted by their own Cavalry Clubs, and the Cavalry Clubs are accepted into the ICA, only by invitation.

Invitation into the ICA recognises the standard and ability of the club and the members therein.

Any military uniform worn within an ICA Cavalry Club is worn according to its own club regulations and in recognition to the numbered points below.

(The "ICA" is a worldwide association.)

It is recognised that :-

1. No insignia or current specific uniform is worn by an individual or Cavalry club of any active Corps/Regiment of the British Army, unless he/she, is enlisted and in service and entitled to do so.

2. Any uniform worn by an individual or Cavalry Club that represents a former regiment of the British Army, regular or Yeomanry, is worn with express permission from the relevant regimental association and is worn with respect.

3. Any rank worn within the Cavalry Club is gained by his/her level of proficiency within the Cavalry Club according to its rules and in no way represents the authority of the Military equivalent. However, the rank may hold whatever authority given to it in its "own" Cavalry Club.

4. If a Cavalry Club within the LCA is attending any event (in uniform) where active duty service members are also in attendance, then it is expected that the Cavalry Club representative make his/her club known to the senior officer in charge as a matter of courtesy (to avoid any confusion or embarrassment to both parties).

5. No Military Medals may be worn by a Cavalry Club unless an individual therein has earned the medal(s) in service within the requisite Armed Forces and the occasion is appropriate.

Why do we need something like the International Light Cavalry Association?

The world of mounted services units is one of lost souls wandering around a plane of desperation. There is not a lack of people to organise events and shows but there is a lack of mounted service personnel to attend them. This lack of manpower so dispirits the organisers into organising nothing. Indeed, some events are precluded due to the lack of the manpower to allow them.

All Mounted Service units are, by their very nature, independent and are not at home to others telling them what to do. Therefore to join an organisation that would hand over ownership of the Unit is not an acceptable situation. The International Cavalry Association is not an Organisation but an ASSOCIATION!!! It has no interest of controlling the Units within it nor does it expect the constituent Units to expect it to do so. It is an association of grown ups who should be trusted.

The aim of the International Cavalry Association is to give the Units within it a resource of cavalry and mounted artillery to carry out their projects. Due to this it also gives to the Units a calendar of events that are available from the other Units to attend. This does not mean it is a supplier of cheap labour for public events as the attendance at any event is down to each individual Unit deciding if it wants to attend. Therefore the prettier event the more support can be expected.

The Central Committee that consists of the Commanding Officer of each Unit plus one other runs the International Light Cavalry Association. From this resource is taken the few Association administrative officers plus others seconded to the Central Committee. The only posts of the Central Committee are the CEO and the Muster Master. The first post is self explanatory the second is the person who holds the Calendar of events.

 The CEO has been given the power to deal with all situations in a unilateral way for the safety of the ICA. This position is to be rotated through the C.O.’s of the constituent Units. Or held over for an extended tour at the grace of the Unit C.O’s

 All Units within the ICA can veto all other Units wishing entry.

 The type of Unit is related only to their need of being in a mounted service unit. This means they could be anything from modern British Army Cavalry though all the shades of re-enactment.

 The only situation that will bring ire upon any Unit is bringing the ICA into disrepute.

 There is no subscription to the ILA from the constituent Units, just the honest bon ami that each group brings to the ICA.