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Member of the Year

Member of the Year Competition

The ICA-HA is pleased to announce a member of the year competition. Affiliated units are encouraged to submit recommendations for the personnel who have exhibited exemplary knowledge, skills and ability in the following categories:

Driver of the Year- for excellence in driving and training artillery horse teams.

Commanding Officer of the Year - for leadership in unit growth, member retention and safety.

Horse Chief of the Year - for excellence in driver and horse training, safety and care.

Gun Chief of the Year - for excellence in gun crew training, safety and maintenance.

Cannoneer/Gunner of the Year -for diligence in their duties while both serving the piece and the horse teams.

Support Team Member of the Year - for selfless dedication to providing vital support to the unit in areas such as photography, logistics and maintenance.

Winners will be selected based on a review of recommendations by the directors of the ICA and their designated subject knowledge experts.

Winners shall receive a certificate as shown below: